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Contacting Us

Q: What’s the best way to contact you, and why is it hard to get through on the phone? 
A: Honestly, we prefer email. It’s the best way to get a response from our team. Our restaurants are quite busy, and our team prioritizes being in our dining rooms and kitchens and taking care of our dining guests. Because we’re not a full-service restaurant, we don’t have things like a reservations department, front desk or concierge. If you have a question that’s not answered on this page, please email and a member of our team will get back to you.

Reservations & Dining

Q: Do you take reservations? 
A: All Souvla restaurants do not accept reservations. We offer open seating with a mix of tables and bar dining that are all available on a first-come, first serve basis. Our restaurants are all counter service and tables turn over very frequently. Most locations cannot accommodate groups of more than ~6ppl, though some have slightly larger tables. Many of our restaurants also feature outdoor dining areas and/or are convenient to local parks. 

Q: Do you have outdoor parklets and can I dine there? 
A: Yes! Our Hayes Valley, Mission District and Marina locations all have outdoor parklets that are open to all guests of Souvla to enjoy the full Souvla menu.

Q: What is your corkage policy? 
A: In general, we ask that guest do not corkage or bring any outside alcohol. Souvla prides itself on having an all-Greek wine list that delivers exceptional value, and both glasses and bottles are listed at very reasonable price points. Unless you plan to bring a very rare, vintage, or special bottle to mark an important milestone or celebration, we would kindly ask that you order from our wine list.


Q: How do I place an order, when will it be ready, and how will I know? 
A: There are several ways to order from Souvla. There’s the “old fashioned” way, at one of our restaurant locations from one of our friendly team members, where you can dine in or take away. Then there’s online, through our website, where you can choose to either pick up your order or have it delivered. Lastly, there’s both the Caviar and DoorDash apps, where you can also choose to pick up or have your food delivered. When ordering online or via either app, you have the ability to place the order for ASAP pickup/delivery, or schedule the order to be ready at a specific time/day

We generally estimate that food will be ready 15 minutes after the order is placed, however most of the time it’s considerably quicker. 

If you’re dining at our restaurants, you will be given a number and we’ll bring your order to your table or hand it to you. If you’ve ordered online or via app, you will receive either a text message or an app notification confirming your order, and another when it is ready

Q: It’s 9:45pm and I can’t’ place an order online or for delivery, I thought you close at 10pm?
A: We do close at 10pm, but the cutoff time for online ordering, either for pickup or delivery is 20 minutes before we close. The same goes for ordering before we open, unless you schedule your order for a later time.

Q: Help! I’ve placed my order to the wrong location, what can I do? 
A: The moment you hit “order” a ticket prints to that location’s kitchen and your order is made, oftentimes before you can pick up the phone or write an email. That is why all our online sales are final, and we cannot offer refunds for orders placed to the wrong location. Please take extra care to review your order and make sure you’re ordering from the desired location before submitting. We really don’t like wasting food, and we can’t magically teleport your order from one restaurant to another, nor can we re-sell your order to someone else. The good news is that our restaurant locations aren’t that far from each other, so it could just be a matter of a little extra time in the car, or on bike or foot.  

Q: Why aren't you accepting orders? 
A: There are a few reasons. If you’re ordering online before we open (at 11am) or just before we close (at 9:40pm) you are outside the online ordering window. If it is during normal business hours, there is likely an issue, whether it be an internet outage, a delivery service outage or something outside of our control. In this rare event, you may need to visit one of our restaurants in-person or choose a different Souvla location to order from.

Q: Where is my order that I wanted delivered? I’m hangry! 
A: We work with DoorDash and Caviar as our third-party delivery service. Your best course of action is to use the support feature in either app, or call their support number at: 1-855-973-1040.

Q: Why should I leave a tip? 
A: Our staff work incredibly hard at providing exceptional service and delicious food promptly, and in a warm, inviting environment. While we take great pride in the many benefits we provide to all Souvla employees and do not add any additional surcharges to your bill. Your gratuity is shared across both the dining room and kitchen staffs and shows them how much you care.

Souvla Menu & Ingredients

Q: I’m gluten-free/vegan and/or have certain dietary preferences. Can I still dine at Souvla?
A: In most cases, yes! All our salad offerings are gluten-free, as are our Greek fries, juicy potatoes, and avgolemono soup. We offer both vegetarian (veg or plant-based lamb sandwiches and salads) that can also be made vegan by omitting the cheese and yogurt dressing upon request. For other allergies or nutrition facts, please check out our allergen guide.

Q: I’m pregnant, is your cheese and dairy pasteurized?
A: Congratulations! Yes, all our cheeses and yogurts are pasteurized.  

Q: Are your meats Halal-certified? 
A: Our Thomas Farms lamb leg is both grass-fed and Halal.

Q: Are your ingredients organic?
A: All of our meats are naturally-raised, and anti-biotic and hormone-free. We try our best to source local, organic produce whenever possible, but depending on the season that may change. We do use Straus organic Greek yogurt in our frozen Greek yogurt.

Q: Can I order a whole chicken? How do I do so? 
A: You can! We offer a limited amount of our “off menu” feta-brined rotisserie chickens (as featured in the New York Times!) for takeaway only each day. They can be ordered in any of our restaurant locations, online or via the DoorDash and Caviar apps. We spin a limited amount each day, and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Events & Catering

Q: Do you do catering?
A: A little bit, yes. You can order larger format items like our “build your own” Souvla dishes from our Divisadero, Chestnut, Valencia and Dogpatch locations. Currently, we are not doing any on-site catering.

Q: I’d like Souvla at my event (wedding, birthday party etc.) is that possible? 
A: It was a few years ago, but right now we’re focusing only on our restaurant operations. Sorry.

Q: Can I buy out a Souvla for the night? 
A: There’d have to be a lot of zeroes in the equation! In all seriousness, we want to make sure our restaurants are open and available to everyone every day.

Q: How about the patio at the NoPa location? 
A: At the moment we are not taking any reservations or private bookings at our NoPa patio.  Thank you for thinking of us for your special event!

Q: Your frozen yogurt truck is so cute! Can I rent it? 
A: Awww thank you! Unfortunately, not. Our little 51-year-old truck now just gets used for promotional events and charity fundraisers.

Other Questions

Q: Can I buy a gift card? Where can I use it?
A: Yes you can! You are able to buy gift cards online here or at any of our restaurants, and you can redeem gift cards in-person as well as when you order online directly through our website for pick-up or delivery!

Q: Do you have any merchandise or Souvla swag? 
A: We do! Check out our shop. But if you want the coolest Souvla swag, you need to work at Souvla.

Q: Can I bring my dog to Souvla? 
A: While dogs are not allowed inside our restaurants in accordance with local and state health code, they are welcome to join you on the parklets at our Hayes Valley and Marina locations. Dogs are also welcome in the outdoor patio of our Larkspur location. Unfortunately they cannot join on our NoPa back patio.

Q: Can you please bring a Souvla to my neighborhood/town/city/country? 
A: Maybe? We’re always on the lookout for good opportunities. Drop us a line at

Q: Do you franchise? Can I buy a Souvla franchise? 
A: We do not, and therefore, you cannot.

Q: I’ve got some money and I’d like to invest. Are you taking on investors or capital? 
A: We appreciate the interest, but we do not have any plans for taking on any new investors or outside capital currently.